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About Pary's Daughter

I started this work when there was no Internet or resources like Pinterest or magazines, so most of my ideas stem from my creativity and imagination. I grew up helping my mother, Pary, our company’s namesake, create custom wedding gowns and formal dresses. She has been my role model and inspiration for continuing the work of event designing and planning.


My process is client-focused. During the consultation session and in the days that follow, I take the time to know you and fully understand your vision. Together, we bring that vision to life, taking into account your priorities, values, and financial considerations. My goal is for you to have a memorable event in a smoothest and most stress-free way! 


The Small Details

At Pary's Daughter Event Coordination, we believe every great event starts with the details, no matter how small. They must be envisioned, organized, planned out, and executed properly to ensure a stress-free event. We want your day to be exactly how you envision it to be.
Our goal is to be there whenever you need us - to guide, plan, and create with you!

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